Senior Trip Refund Update

Dear 8th Grade Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

If you have requested a refund for the canceled senior trip, we anticipate, and hope, to be able to mail checks for DC trip refunds in early June. We will notify you all when we know the date of those mailings.

Your Pupilpath address should reflect the mailing address we have for you on our files. We plan to mail checks to the home address you see on your child’s Puplipath page. If you want your check delivered to a different address, please use this form: . Kindly complete your request by Friday, May 29th.

Please note, this online form will not change your official address in our files. This will only be used to verify the mailing address for your individual refund checks. If you have any questions please contact Taso Lampoutis at


MS 67 Administration

High School Offer Letters Available for 8th Graders

From MS 67Q Administrative Team:

Dear 8th Grade Students and Parents,

We hope this message finds you and your families well.  Please note that later today, the Office of Student Enrollment (OSE) will:

� Notify families by email that they can log into MySchools to view their child’s high school offer.

� Call parents/guardians who do not have an online account in MySchools to let them know that their offer letter is available. We expect printed offer letters for these students to be mailed by today.

Office of School Enrollment will also print and mail all other students’ offer letters to each student’s home address by early April.

There will be no Round 2 application this year. Instead, all high school programs (except the nine Specialized High Schools) will have waitlists. Waitlists will open for schools and families on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Please note the emails have not been sent yet by the Office of School Enrollment.  You should receive these emails later today.  Also, emails will not all come at the same time, and some students and parents may receive their offer emails in advance of other.  If you have any questions about High School Offer Letters and next steps after receiving the email, please reach out to our Guidance Counselors according to the first letter of your last name:

-Last Names A-L Mr. Jerard Armstrong (

-Last Names M-Z Ms. Nina Scalici  (

The best ways to reach our Guidance Counselors will be through email or PupilPath.  On PupilPath, you can ensure a message will be forwarded to their emails by checking off on the bottom of the message.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of the Administrative Team.

The MS 67Q Administrative Team

Class Rings

Dear 8th Grade Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

If you are interested in purchasing a graduation ring from SMOOTH Sportswear, a representative from the company will be meeting with students during our 8th grade lunch/recess period in our school cafeteria tomorrow, Tuesday, October 22, 2019 to take ring measurements, orders and payments. Please see attached flyer HERE and letter HERE with additional details. Please note, checks or Money Orders must be payable to Smooth Sportswear. 


Taso Lampoutis