Important Updates from Principal Annello 1.21.2021

Dear MS 67Q School Community, 

We hope you and your families are well.  Below are some important announcement and updates: 

Specialized High School Test Administration and School Schedule Next Week 

The Specialized High School Test (SHSAT) will be administered in-person to grade 8 students from our school who have registered this Wednesday, January 27th.  Most teachers and staff members across all grades will be assisting with the proctoring and administration of the exam.  Therefore, on Wednesday, January 27th, asynchronous learning will take place in those classes in which teachers are proctoring.  Please note asynchronous learning means there would be no live lessons (synchronous) that would be able to be taught by teachers who are proctoring.  In addition, on Monday, January 25th, teachers who are proctoring will be attending a training during periods 5-7.  For periods 5-7 on Monday, those same teachers will assign asynchronous work during those periods.  There are teachers who will still be able to teach synchronous lessons during periods 5-7 on Monday and on Wednesday, January 27th.  Teachers will inform their classes, and students should check their Google Classroom pages for their classes.   

Report Cards Available on NYC Schools Accounts and PupilPath 

The third quarter begain this week on Tuesday, January 19th.  Report card grades for the second quarter can be viewed through PupilPath and NYC Schools Accounts at this time.  Averages for core subjects (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) received numerical grades that were cumulative from independent work assignments and assessments from the first two quarters combined.  All other subjects received grades of either P (Pass) or NX (Course in Progress).  Core subject averages that represented grades below 65 were designated with an NX grade (Course in Progress).  Please speak to your child and check PupilPath for more information about your child’s updated grades and progress. 

Update Regarding Return to In-Person Learning 

As of right now, a return date for in-person learning has not been announced for public middle schools and high schools in New York City.  We continue to follow the all-remote schedules for teaching and learning that we have been following since Thursday, November 19, 2020.  We will update you with new information when it becomes available.  We are prepared to return to in-person learning with cohorts A and B only and cohort D students will continue to learn all-remote.  We will follow model 1B when in-person learning begins again, and the sample model 1B is attached to this message.  Also, we will send out a cohort calendar when a return to in-person learning date is announced. 

Parental Consent for COVID-19 Testing 

Parental consent for in-school COVID-19 testing must be submitted for students expecting to return for in-person learning as part of cohorts A and B.  It is easiest and most efficient to submit parental consent through students’ NYC Schools Accounts.  If you have questions about NYC Schools Accounts, please reach out to our Jenny Cho, our Parent Coordinator, at  Parental consent can also be submitted by scanning the completed consent form and emailing it to  Please note students will be placed in all-remote cohort D if parental consent is not submitted prior to the return of in-person learning.  The parental consent form can be found at the following link:

NYC Schools Accounts  

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a NYC Schools Account.  This account will give you access to important information regarding the Department of Education and your child.  You can use the link below to create an account:

Also, if you need help creating an account or acquiring an access code, please contact Jenny Cho, our Parent Coordinator.  Her email address is  We want to make sure 100% of our parents have signed up so that you can have access to vote in upcoming education council elections as well as have access to your child’s DOE email account.  We are preparing for the possibility that we will no longer be able to use our own school domain in future school years. 

Fall 2020 School Experience Survey 

The Fall 2020 School Experience Survey is now open until Friday, February 5th.  All teachers, students, and parents can take the survey at the link below.  Please take some time to complete the survey as we will analyzing the data to help us continue to grow and improve.  The survey data will be more valuable if as many teachers, parents, and students take it.  The link is below:

Remote Clubs and Activities 

We are in the process of finalizing our list of remote clubs and activities.  We are expecting our remote clubs and activities to begin as soon as the week of Monday, February 1st.  The list you receive will include information about the clubs and activities, virtual registration links, and the contact information for the staff members facilitating the opportunities.   

School Leadership Team Meeting and Training for All Members 

The January School Leadership Team Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom at 4:30pm on Monday, January 25th.  SLT members will be viewing a training webinar and reflecting on guiding questions after the webinar is completed.  Members of the school community are invited to all SLT members as observers.  The Zoom link and access information for Monday’s meeting are:

Meeting ID: 826 7162 7523 

Passcode: 445047 

January PTA Meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, January 25, 2021 

The January PTA Meeting will be held this Monday, January 25th at 7:00pm via Zoom.  The meeting will include updates and information from the PTA as well as a report from Principal Annello.   

Retirement Announcements 

We would like to congratulate Guidance Counselor, Jerard Armstrong, on his recent retirement.  Also, our Studio Art teacher, Georgia Daskarolis, is retiring at the end of the month as well.  We wish Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Daskarolis well as they enter the next phase of their lives after many years of dedication to our school community! 

Thank you for your continued support.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

The MS 67Q Administrative Team