Learning Preferences Moving Forward- Deadline to Change Your Preference!

From Principal Annello:

Learning Preferences Moving Forward

If a student and parent want to opt-in for blended/in-person learning, there will only be one window to do so for the rest of the school year.  The window will last from Monday, November 2 through Sunday, November 15.  If you are interested in moving from 100% remote to blended learning, please do so starting on Monday, November 2 using the following learning preferences link:

Also, a student and parent can choose to move from blended learning to 100% remote learning at any time. The survey at the link above must also be filled out in that case as well.  We are asking for any student and parent making a change to fill out the Learning Preference Survey and email the Grade Assistant Principal:

Grade 6- Taso Lampoutis (tlampoutis@schools.nyc.gov) Grade 7- Maria Lam (mlam3@schools.nyc.gov) Grade 8- Anthony Rizzo (arizzo@schools.nyc.gov)