Senior Trip Refund Update

Dear 8th Grade Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

If you have requested a refund for the canceled senior trip, we anticipate, and hope, to be able to mail checks for DC trip refunds in early June. We will notify you all when we know the date of those mailings.

Your Pupilpath address should reflect the mailing address we have for you on our files. We plan to mail checks to the home address you see on your child’s Puplipath page. If you want your check delivered to a different address, please use this form: . Kindly complete your request by Friday, May 29th.

Please note, this online form will not change your official address in our files. This will only be used to verify the mailing address for your individual refund checks. If you have any questions please contact Taso Lampoutis at


MS 67 Administration